Tree topology is created where nodes are connected in a hierarchical manner. the tree topology as a combination of the bus and star typologies, where the central workstation or the hub of the star typologies is connected to the main bus. In tree topology, the device at the root is referred to as the parent for all other nodes or devices in the network. However, the nodes below a parent node are referred to as child nodes. In a network based on the tree topology:

  • A child can only directly communicate with its parent and with no other node in the network.
  • A parent can only directly communicate with its children and with its own parent.
  • While sending a message from one node to another, the message must travel from the source node up the tree to the nearest common ancestor and then down the tree to the destination node.

Tree topology network.


The tree topology is most suitable for a large network, where the ring or star topology may not provide an efficient solution. A tree topology based network is more manageable as the network is broken into parts. In addition, adding or removing a node in such a network is easy. However, a break in any node in the structure would hamper communication to all nodes below it. In addition, as the network grows and becomes extremely large, management of the network becomes difficult.


Tree Topology
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