Improving 3D Performance  Two very different ways of improving 3D performance have been found. One is the use of dedicated geometry processor which takes over the geometry calculations from the main CPU. Another means is offered by processor manufactures who have tried to boost the 3D performance of their CPUs because they feared that once geometry processors became standard on graphics boards, it would only take a mediocre processor to perform other functions such as running the operating system and monitoring devices. Hence they provided specialized instruction sets Katmai New Instructions (KNI – The code name for the new multimedia instructions that were built into the Pentium III (Katmai) chip in the case of Intel and 3DNow! (an extension to the 8086 instruction set,) in the case of AMD for improving 3D performance. But, in the long run, the increase in performance provided by these new MMX-style (Multi Media extension) instructions will appear insufficient to cope with the brute power of the new generation of 3D accelerator. Moreover, most users including gamers do not upgrade their systems regularly and have CPUs which are relatively slow. Therefore, dedicated geometry processors are the most preferred.


Improving 3D Performance

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